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Argati, rebranded in 2023 after a decade of innovative service, now stands at the forefront of digital marketing, exclusively catering to the marketing needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). 

Digital Marketing Products & Services

We have options for every company, but we also keep it simple with the basics to maximize your investment:

  • Foundational Software. Maximum communication, CRM, email/text marketing, and overall conversions before investing in organic and paid traffic efforts. This is DIY or with our help.
  • Complete Marketing.


Why Information Technology & Cybersecurity Digital Marketing with Argati?

Get ahead of your competition and start taking actions now.


Argati envisions a future where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) dominate the digital space, propelled by cutting-edge marketing strategies that highlight their unique services and strengths. We aim to be the catalyst in this transformation, leading MSPs to unprecedented levels of visibility and success in the digital realm.


Our mission at Argati is to empower Managed Service Providers through bespoke digital marketing solutions that amplify their presence and influence. We are dedicated to delivering innovative strategies that not only meet the current demands of the MSP market but also anticipate and shape future trends.


At Argati, our core values revolve around innovation, integrity, and client-centric solutions. We believe in continuously pushing the boundaries of digital marketing, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and placing client success at the heart of everything we do. We maximize your investment for your success.


Argati was acquired by Peak Backup in 2023, and both brands took the Argati name, reduced all MSP services, and rebranded for digital marketing-only services. 

Information Technology & Cybersecurity for GPS Satellite 

16 years of providing foundational technology support for the code development and program support of the GPS Satellite Constellation. :

  • Traditional cloud deployments with AWS and Azure. 
  • Onsite hyperconverged solitons using VMware VSAN. 
  • Cybersecurity compliance, meeting foundational frameworks with HIPAA and CMMC. 

Infrastructure hosting for MSPs

Jim co-founded Stone Bridge Data as a solution for Managed Service Providers and their own backup solutions. Offerings included:

  • Virtualization
  • Mapped data storage
  • Hosted data replication
Stone Bridge was wildly successful, valued in the 7 digits, and was acquired by another company that carries on the hosting legacy. 

Backup Software Reseller

Jim founded Peak Backup in 2001 as the Senior Capstone for his Bachelor of Science degree. What started as an academic project quickly turned into a thriving business with MSPs as its core customer:

  • Computer magazine featured
  • 200+ MSP customers


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